SmartView giving you more for less

eone-logoFor our customers we always recommend eOne’s SmartView product. SmartView sits on top of SmartList and is an even better way to get access to your Dynamics GP data for reporting and analysis. More than one client has told me that once they move from from SmartList to SmartView they can never go back. Until recently SmartView was sold as 2 separate products – one inside Dynamics GP (Internal) and one a stand alone application (External).  While having an internal and external tool makes sense from a usability perspective, it was often confusing when I told users that they needed to pay for these 2 products separately as well. After all, weren’t they both 2 sides of the same coin? Well, thanks to the good people at eOne Solutions we no longer have to have that conversation!

As of April 7th, 2015 eOne is combining the version that runs inside of Dynamics GP (SmartView Internal) with the standalone desktop application (SmartView External). Starting April 7th new customers can save over $800 from the previous pricing. SmartView is now available to new clients for $2,500. Existing clients can upgrade to the new combined version for just $500.

I think this is great news for Dynamics GP users. Getting more value for less is always a smart idea!

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