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As of July 1, 2019, Briware Solutions consulting practice was merged with Dynamic Consulting.  For more information, please contact David Gersten by email at or by telephone at 562-352-8843.


One customer just told me the entire conference cost was paid by asking Rod O’Connor 1 question! #GPUGsummit

Briware Solutions was hired to help with some issues that we have experienced with our Microsoft GP installation. Their experience, personable nature and commitment to high quality results has helped us overcome some difficult issues in a quick period of time. This is a testament to Briware’s knowledge of the product, their excellent interpersonal skills and his dedication to us as a client, but more so as a partner. They continue to provide great value to both the IT organization and our Finance department by their commitment to excellence and desire to provide the highest level of service possible. Briware is a very dedicated consulting organization that strives to ensure their partner’s benefit from their experience, skills and demeanour in a timely and cost effective manner.

We brought in Briware Solutions to help us implement the Analytical Accounting module in Dynamics GP so that we could capture and report on some key business data. The consultant met with us and spent a day with our team reviewing our current process and also became very familiar with what we were trying to accomplish. Good consultants will do what you ask them too, great consultants help you do it better. After reviewing our process and our reporting goals he made it very clear we were about to head down the wrong path. It wasn’t easy to convince the implementation team that our planned solution wasn’t right, but Rod showed us that with some changes to our core business processes we could capture and report on the same data much more effectively and efficiently.

Briware has all the qualities you want in a consulting organization – integrity, personality, intelligence, expertise & vision. This is very rare to find. They are a pleasure to work with.