The People Factor

happy-customerLast week I had an experience that brought to mind a post written by Martin from eOne Solutions that I read couple of months back. What struck me about the post originally was the seemingly basic principle of providing your customers a great experience by not only providing amazing service but also by building a great relationship with the customer.

The experience that brought this to mind last week actually involves eOne Solutions as well. I was preparing for a demo and remembered something I had seen eOne (Martin and Chris actually) do in one of their demos. When I reached out to ask if it might be possible to know how it was done not only did they show me how to do it, they gave me access to their demo environment and worked with me on the day of the demo to ensure I was properly connected and everything would run smoothly. I know that nobody at eOne is going to retire based on my sales alone. However, even though we are relatively small my interactions with this company always leave me feeling pretty darn important.

At Briware Solutions, we try very hard to bring some of that wow-level customer experience to every engagement as well.

When we start a project with any new customer, our very first priority is to understand not only the business issues their business is facing, but also the culture of the company and the personalities of the people who we will be working with.  Knowledge of the companies’ business processes and issues allow us to understand what our customers are trying to achieve, and the personal rapport gives us the ability to point out when the customer should not be trying to achieve those things.

The thing about being this honest is that it builds trust.  We try to discuss goals and objects openly and straightforwardly.   We know our clients appreciate this because they tell us so.

“We brought in Briware Solutions to help us implement the Analytical Accounting module in Dynamics GP so that we could capture and report on some key business data. The consultant met with us and spent a day with our team reviewing our current process and also became very familiar with what we were trying to accomplish. Good consultants will do what you ask them too, great consultants help you do it better. After reviewing our process and our reporting goals he made it very clear we were about to head down the wrong path. It wasn’t easy to convince the implementation team that our planned solution wasn’t right, but Rod showed us that with some changes to our core business processes we could capture and report on the same data much more effectively and efficiently.”

Eric Deakin, IT Manager, Coastal Villages Region Fund

Even though we have smart people working for us we rely on more than just their technical abilities.  Our team is committed to working with our clients in a clear, open, down-to-Earth manner – and we like to make sure everyone is having as much fun as possible at the same time.   I like to think of our approach as irreverently professional.