Improve Remote User’s Performance

We have all heard the old adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That’s good advice most of the time but what do you do when it’s not really broken but it’s not really working its best? This is the position many companies find themselves in when they’ve been using Dynamics GP for a long time.

This is exactly the situation that one of our customers found themselves in. After using Dynamics GP for about 10 years users felt it “worked fine”. Receivables were being collected, payables being paid, and Financial reports were generated on schedule. Over the years, various initiatives had been put in place to use the modules they owned to maximum advantage. However, as the business had expanded over the years no new functionality had been purchased, nor was adequate thought given to effective access for remote offices.

While upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013R2, the company was able to convert their a la carte licensing – where they owned only what they needed 10 years ago – to Perpetual licensing. With no new licensing fees, and a nominal increase in the software maintenance costs, they now have access to all of the modules in the Dynamics GP Extended pack – including the web client for remote users!

While upgrading Dynamics GP they also upgraded their SQL Server and other hardware, in order to maximize their performance improvements. Remote users who previously connected to a remote desktop and ran Dynamics GP from there will now be running the web client.

Kim Gerrard, Manager, Finance Projects & Systems, had this to say about the upgrade:

“I am pleased to report that our users are indeed seeing performance improvements after moving to the web client. While we did this primarily to help remote users we are seeing improvements for local users as well. I’m glad we decided to upgrade!”

While your systems may not be “broke” that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. A timely upgrade to take advantage of new features can go a long way to improving user satisfaction.