The Ideal Briware Solutions Customer

I am often accused of overusing the phrase “I have never met a business problem I couldn’t solve with Dynamics GP” – but it never stops being true! Let’s face it, every company can be a fit for Microsoft Dynamics GP. At Briware Solutions, though, there are certain types of customers that are especially close to our hearts. When we meet these companies we know we can dramatically improve their business processes very quickly and make them extremely happy. Who doesn’t find happiness by making other people extremely happy?

Does this describe your business?

You know your industry extremely well, but your company is still trying to figure out its business processes. Maybe you are running QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Simply Accounting. You may have even “upgraded” to Sage 300 at some point. But you now realize you are getting to that point where you need something more. You can no longer keep up with the manual processes that have worked for years. In the past you could just share information via email or even shout across the office at Jim that it’s time to issue the invoice for that customer in California. But now you find you can’t remember the names of all your customers and vendors in your head anymore. You are losing track of invoices, losing track of projects, losing track of payables. Customer service is starting to suffer and Vendors are starting to question your viability.

You are ready for that next level.

That is where Briware Solutions and Dynamics GP come in. We will show you how to capitalize on the advantages of this enterprise level system, but keep it simple. We’ll show you some of the best practices and how they can be fit in to your business or tweaked to do so. We will set up the core system, automate your processes, and train your team.

After you are running smoothly, and your team has adjusted to the new software, we’ll come back and start implementing some of the really cool stuff like workflows, a B2B portal or integrations to other systems.

If you’re starting to feel the pinch, and you think you might meet some of the criteria listed above, why not let us show you how a true ERP solution can change your life? If you can make us extremely happy by bringing you some extreme happiness, wouldn’t that make you happy?