The exams are ready!

Today I sat in a very exciting meeting. After hours of question writing and review sessions, a trip to Tampa, a whack of votes, and the occasional goading email to the Dynamics GP MVP’s, we have finally completed the first pair of Dynamics GP exam forms!

This isn’t to say that we are done, or that we no longer need your help writing questions. We still have a second form and a practice version of each exam to write! However, we are at a point where the first sitting for the “Core Certificate in Dynamics GP 2015 Installation and Configuration” and “Core Certificate in Dynamics GP 2015 Financials Setup and Functionality” exams are ready to proceed as scheduled!

As previously mentioned, the first sittings will occur at reIMAGINE 2015 happening in Fargo September 20-23, 2015. If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to register for these exams. The initial release and initial sittings for the exams are very important for validating that the tests accurately assess the skills of the certificants, and the more people who take the exams the better the results will be.

The last count I heard had over 400 people registered for reIMAGINE this year. Assuming that at least a quarter of the attendees are going for more than the company paid trip to picturesque Fargo, ND, that leaves about 100 people who are attending because they truly care about our industry and it’s future. Assuming that those people like to be a little avant garde, that means we should have at least 100 people in the first sitting. That seems like a pretty good sample to me!

Mark Polino made the following comments regarding the exams in his post about his own exam writing experience:

“We want exams that show that someone knows and understands GP, not that they are aware of some obscure feature that is never used. […] We’re working toward an exam where someone who understands GP finds it easy, someone who does not will struggle. We are NOT looking to build a super exam that only MVPs can pass.”

By sitting for this release of the exam, not only do you help us validate how well we have met that vision but you also let the Dynamics Pro folks know that they are on the right path by demonstrating your commitment to bettering the GP community.

For those of you who are not attending reIMAGINE but do want a chance to sit the exams, have no fear. The exams will again be offered at PreGAME and GPUG Summit happening in Reno October 12-16, 2015. The team at Dynamics Pro are also working to ensure that exams will be offered as quickly as possible at proctored exam centers throughout North America. Watch for more on that in a future post.

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