Training & Support

Responsive, personable and affordable service

While new implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP may be sexy (though some might say ERP is about the furthest thing from sexy) it’s the long term use of the system that counts. Our goal, at Briware Solutions, is to help you become more self-sufficient through great training and support.

Training that empowers continuous improvement

Training employees should go beyond teaching them how to do their job in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Great training gives employees ownership and knowledge of the system’s potential so they will look for more ways to use it.

We provide training to match your requirements – from one-on-one to classroom.

Technical and functional support

There are times when you will need us to “just fix it” but often a support call is a teaching moment. We are good at knowing the difference – we’ve been there.

When we can turn a support call into an opportunity for teaching, we both win. You get an employee who is more confident and self-sufficient, we get immense job satisfaction. We live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics GP, and love it when someone takes a step closer to mastering its nuances.

Our support is as flexible as you need it to be. We are responsive and affordable.

We speak the language

One of the challenges that we see for Microsoft Dynamics GP administrators is communicating the potential of GP outside of the accounting department. As an outside advocate with extensive product knowledge we can help – we’re as comfortable in the board room as we are in the warehouse.

If you have an issue that needs resolution, why not give us a shot so we can show you what we can do?

Simply click the green button at the bottom right of your screen to submit a support request directly to our Helpdesk!