Stepping into my future history…

dynamics-associationsThis morning I flew from Toronto to Tampa. I was late getting to the airport because my kids were tired and the in-laws are visiting so the morning routine was a shambles. That’s OK, though, because my flight was unofficially delayed so I had time for the sweat from my run through the airport to dry out.

Reading that opening, you might be expecting a good old fashioned rant for the rest of this post. But nothing seems to be able to kill my mood today! I am stoked! These are all “can you believe it” details in a story that I will repeat well into my dotage.

You may remember from my ReImagine 2014 recap posts, that on the last day I got to attend a meeting. In the meeting we were discussing the fact that Microsoft had recently disbanded the Dynamics GP certification process, and a proposition was on the table to start our own association that would take over that certification process.

In a later post, I asked you to go to the Association for Dynamics Professionals inaugural website and sign up for their notifications. Things were moving!

Recently I was invited to attend an exam writing workshop where the first set of examinations in that certification process were to be created. After a minor negotiation with my wife – she is in Quarter End after all – I more than happily agreed. How cool is that? To be involved in this process is one of those things I anticipate looking back on in 20 years and saying “wow, I was there!”

Over the next few days, I will get to work with some real leaders in our industry and help shape the future. Yes, I am exited!

I am hoping I can capture some of this process in a few posts throughout the weekend. Now…I’ve been told to be careful about sharing confidential info – so don’t look for exam answers here! My photo’s won’t even include whiteboards by accident. However, I am really hoping to capture and convey something of the process itself.

Even if nobody else reads them, at least I’ll have something tangible to look back on in 20 years.

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