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Microsoft Dynamics GP support...simplified

At Briware Solutions, we don’t require a service contract or talk over your head. We provide all the services that you need to implement and use Microsoft Dynamics GP business management software. We have technical expertise as well as practical experience improving business processes using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Continuous Process Improvement

In over 10 years working with Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have learned that you can find ways to improve and automate business processes…continuously. Ongoing improvement means you get the most from your software investment and free your employees to focus on more meaningful work. We will help you with that continuous improvement through:

  • Consulting & Implementations
  • Training & Support
  • Custom Development

Who says size doesn't matter?

There are Microsoft partners who will tell you that they work with all kinds of clients, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. That is surely true at sale time, but who do you think gets all the attention in the long run?

Most of the companies we work with have fewer than thirty Microsoft Dynamics GP users. That’s our sweet spot – companies that we know will get huge productivity gains from better use of Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Implementation & Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics GP your way

Based on our experience, we believe that most organizations are tapping just a small percent of the potential value they could get from Microsoft Dynamics GP. We work with our clients to change that.At Briware Solutions, we know how to apply the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP to improve business processes. Practical changes that will have a significant impact on your business productivity. We deliver recommendations and implement solutions through consulting services that include:

  • Business process improvement
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation
  • ISV (Independent Software Vendor) solution recommendations
  • ISV solution installation and configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP and ISV upgrades
  • Technical issue resolution
  • Product and process training
  • Report development, including Smartlists and SSRS reports

And we throw in a bit of personality to boot. While we take your business and the investment you make in our services very seriously, we try to make the experience pleasant, and even fun, for everyone involved.

We are not a software sales company

While we are authorized to resell software, it is not what drives our business. Services do. Even more importantly, repeat services is how we are building Briware Solutions. We value the long term relationships that we have with our customers.As we get to know your business better, we will continue to help you automate and simplify processes. New technologies are arriving at lightning pace, and you want to be on top of those that can really help your business. Through our Microsoft partnership, we stay abreast of the latest technologies. By knowing your business, we filter the noise to bring you the best that Microsoft and the ISV channel has to offer.

If you would like advice on a Microsoft Dynamics GP project you are considering, please call us.

Training & Support

Responsive, personable and affordable service

While new implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP may be sexy (though some might say ERP is about the furthest thing from sexy) it’s the long term use of the system that counts. Our goal, at Briware Solutions, is to help you become more self-sufficient through great training and support.

Training that empowers continuous improvement

Training employees should go beyond teaching them how to do their job in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Great training gives employees ownership and knowledge of the system’s potential so they will look for more ways to use it.

We provide training to match your requirements – from one-on-one to classroom.

Technical and functional support

There are times when you will need us to “just fix it” but often a support call is a teaching moment. We are good at knowing the difference – we’ve been there.

When we can turn a support call into an opportunity for teaching, we both win. You get an employee who is more confident and self-sufficient, we get immense job satisfaction. We live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics GP, and love it when someone takes a step closer to mastering its nuances.

Our support is as flexible as you need it to be. We are responsive and affordable.

We speak the language

One of the challenges that we see for Microsoft Dynamics GP administrators is communicating the potential of GP outside of the accounting department. As an outside advocate with extensive product knowledge we can help – we’re as comfortable in the board room as we are in the warehouse.

If you have an issue that needs resolution, why not give us a shot so we can show you what we can do?


Custom development done right

There are times when the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics GP doesn’t fit your business process or isn’t the most efficient way that you can solve an issue. We don’t recommend customizations lightly, but we do suggest them when they are the best way.

One of the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the flexibility of modification and integration options. From simple screen modifications to complex integrations with web-based applications, we will help you navigate the options and make a sensible choice, including:

  • Customizations using Modifier/VBA and SQL
  • Integrations to web and line-of-business systems
  • Full application development
  • Business Intelligence and custom dashboards

Depending on the requirement and the recommended solution, we will manage the business analysis, requirements document, software design, deployment, training and post-implementation support.

If you need help understanding the options for customization of Microsoft Dynamics GP, let’s talk.

If you feel like you could be getting more from your Microsoft Dynamics GP system, let's talk about it.

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