eoneDynamics GP stores a wealth of information about the transactions that keep your business moving.    Sometimes you want to get a view of these transactions across multiple segments, product types and dates for example.   While you can get this kind of information from SmartList in GP, it is not always easy or your dataset might be so large that GP actually slows down.  One of the big reasons for running Smartlist is just to export data to Excel so you can do a proper analysis there.  SmartView is an excellent way to make it easier for you to quickly view and analyze your Dynamics GP data.

SmartView makes use of the same queries that drive SmartLists .  With the internal version (a user is logged into GP), you also get all of the drill around functionality inherent in SmartList.  But the similarities basically stop there.  Exporting data to Excel or a text file is about 10 times faster when using SmartView.   Instead of having a limited number of filters with SmartView for Dynamics GP you can have an unlimited number of filters.  You can simultaneously sort any number of columns, you can pivot based on the columns, and you can group and sum your data.  There’s even a desktop version that can be used by non-GP users.  The list goes on but statistics show you’re going to stop reading this post soon and we have a lot more to show you.

SmartView essentially gives you the viewing and sorting power of an Excel spreadsheet from directly within GP and allows users access to GP data without requiring them to log in to GP.

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