I have been nominated as a GPUG All Star!

gpug-all-starsI’ve been lucky enough to have worked in a number of roles over the years. I’ve worked as a consultant and as a customer, in Finance and IT, as an employee and most recently as a small business owner. Previous to starting Briware Solutions, I was working as an IT Manager for a company and met Kim Peterson manning a GPUG booth at Convergence.  Kim convinced my manager that we should join GPUG, and I’m so glad we did.

Anyone who has spoken to me over the past few years knows exactly how I feel about GPUG. It is a place where users can go to “find out”. Without fear of being spammed by a hundred sales people, a user can ask roughly 20,000 other GPUG members “how do I …?” If you are one of my customers, you are likely already a GPUG member. If you are my customer and not a GPUG member, I have already had the conversation with you more than once. Even my prospects know that GPUG is an amazing way to save money on training and knowledge.

With the rather phenomenal library of recorded webinars (never mind the new ones every week), companies can train employees on modules and standards or have key decision makers learn about new possibilities previously unknown to them. Sound like a magical wonderland? That is honestly how I see it.

To be honest, it was several conversations from my first GPUG Summit – in Seattle – that helped bring Briware Solutions to life. I haven’t missed a local chapter meeting or GPUG Summit since joining.

With that incredibly long-winded intro in mind, imagine my wonder at Kim Peterson’s recent post regarding this years GPUG All Star nominations. There was my name in amongst some of the most notable names in our industry – Dave Musgrave, Mariano Gomez, Leslie Vail, and so many others – people I have followed for a very long time. People that my GPUG membership has allowed me to meet, speak to, and learn from over the years.

I don’t care how the vote may go – the bartender at the hotel bar I am writing this from tells me I am being too modest (too Canadian actually) – but to find myself on this list is amazing! (Addendum: the same bartender just reminded me that even though I am excited just to be on the list, I should remind you to vote and suggest it be for me. Thanks James.)

Regardless who you choose to vote for, if you are a GPUG member you should go vote. It is a great way to recognise some of the leaders in our industry. I am hoping it will also inspire you to take more of a leadership role yourself. There are literally dozens of ways that you can contribute to the daily lives of other people – even indirectly. Not everyone on the list is a webinar presenter or chapter leader!

Oh, and if you’re reading this and you’re not a member yet then I have only one question: why not?

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