Microsoft Dynamics GP – Starter Pack

Taking your business management systems to the next level is more affordable than you imagine. When your entry-level accounting software can’t keep pace with your business growth, take a look at Microsoft Dynamics GP – simple, usable and scalable.

With the Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter Pack, you get three user licenses with access to the out-of-the-box functionality to fit your business, including:

Financial Management

  • General Ledger delivers maximum flexibility in capturing and analyzing financial data.
  • Analytical Accounting allows you to assign analysis codes for deeper business insight.
  • Account Level Security provides flexibility in limiting access to sensitive data.
  • Cash Flow Management for customizable views and forecasting tools.
  • Fixed Asset Management gives your full control of fixed assets.
  • Intercompany Processing automatically tracks to Due To/From amounts.
  • National Accounts sets up Parent-Child relationships between customer accounts.
  • Multicurrency Management supports flexible multicurrency reporting.
  • Revenue/Expense Deferrals simplifies entries for current and future periods.
  • Bank Reconciliation streamlines reconciliation.
  • Electronic Banking Suite includes EFT for Receivables and Payables and Electronic Bank Rec.
  • Safe Pay automatically exports a list of cheques and electronically sends to the bank.
  • Lockbox Processing automates import and customer payment applications from a lockbox.
  • Payables Management improves your control over expenses.
  • Receivables Management maintains tight control over the collection process.
  • Customer/Vendor Consolidations transfers information between Receivables and Payables.
  • Refund Checks automatically prints checks and debits appropriate accounts.
  • Grant Management simplifies not-for-profit and public sector organization’s fund tracking.
  • Encumbrance Management streamlines not-for-profit and public sector organization reporting.
  • Field Level Security manages access to individual data fields, windows and forms.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Unlimited Management Reporter Designer User provides real-time financial reporting.
  • Unlimited Management Reporter Viewer User allows you to easily share reports.
  • Analysis Cubes Library simplifies Business Intelligence for AR, AP, Inventory, General Ledger and more.

Human Resource Management

  • Human Resources Unlimited Employees includes hiring, scheduling, pay rates and performance evaluation tools.
  • Payroll (US and Canadian) Unlimited Employees automates payroll and reporting processes.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit automates ACH filing.
  • Federal Magnetic Media simplifies government reporting compliance.
  • Payroll Connect automates data transfer from ADP/PC Payroll for Windows®.
  • Position Control manages labor budgets based on specific job functions and head count.
  • HRM Self Service Suite provides web-based access to employees.

Supply Chain Management

  • Invoicing improves billing efficiency.
  • Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing streamlines the entire sales ordering process.
  • Extended Pricing delivers flexible pricing options and rules for customers.
  • Inventory Control allows you to set prices on a customer-by-customer basis.
  • Bill of Materials tracks components and subassemblies used in light manufacturing.
  • Purchase Order Processing automates purchasing and approval processes, extended pricing and blanket POs.
  • Landed Cost tracks and updates the total cost associated with an inventory item.
  • PO Generator recommends POs based on purchasing, sales and inventory data.

Time and Expense allows employees to manage time and expense through the web.

Workspace Collaboration

  • Unlimited Business Portal provides web-based access to information and processes.

Configuration and Development

  • Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) supports simplified window and field modifications.
  • Integration Manager supports migration of data from most common database formats.
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics automates data integration with other applications.

If you are tired of making do with your accounting system, let’s talk about a move to Microsoft Dynamics GP.