Top Six Reasons to Integrate Your Web Store with Microsoft Dynamics GP

fundamental_integrationIntegration offers tons of benefits including saving time and money, reducing human errors from duplicate data maintenance and simplifying the checkout process. It also gives you the freedom to focus on other areas of growing your business. Don’t waste time managing your Microsoft Dynamics GP database and web store separately. Continue reading for all the ways integration benefits your business. Click here to learn more about integration.

  1. Accurate Product Data

Eliminate the risk of human error. With an integrated eCommerce platform, your product data, inventory, pricing, shipping and tax is pushed to your web store in real time when you update it in Microsoft Dynamics GP. By always having accurate product data on your website, customers only purchase in-stock items at their current, correct price.

  1. Improved Customer Self-Service

Allowing your customers access to their historical account information that came from your web store but now resides in Microsoft Dynamics GP gives them the freedom to find what they need at their convenience. Customers can lookup invoices, order history and update their bill to, ship to or payment information anytime from your web store.

  1. Simplified Checkout Process

An eCommerce site integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP pulls through all of your customers’ data, including bill to, ship to, shipping and tax for the area they are getting their products delivered to. They can breeze through the checkout process without having to waste time filling out information they have previously submitted.

  1. Easier Web Store Maintenance

By only having one database to manage, you’ll save countless hours and need fewer resources to manage your online store. Integration also reduces the amount of errors or missing orders that occur with duplicate data maintenance. With a single source of truth, your Microsoft Dynamics GP database and your web store will sync and update in real time as changes are made to products or customer account information.

  1. Automated System for Handling Web Orders

When a shopper places an order on your website, it gets pushed to Microsoft Dynamics GP in real time so you receive it and can process it immediately. This results in faster order turnaround and a happier customer who receives their merchandise quicker than expected.

  1. k-eCommerce Features Go the Extra Step

A study found that 49 percent of U.S. online shoppers use some combination of devices when shopping. Meeting your shoppers when and where they want to shop is increasingly important with mobile sales on the rise. Not only does a k-eCommerce web store integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics GP database, but it is also responsive (mobile friendly), so it keeps you ahead of your competitors and keeps your customers happy. Utilizing responsive web design so shoppers can browse your site on their laptop, smart phone and tablet while receiving the same shopping experience gives them the freedom to shop how they want to and provides them with a strong user experience.

With an eCommerce platform seamlessly integrated to your Microsoft Dynamics GP database, product and customer data is synchronized between both systems, improving customer service, speeding up the checkout process and maximizing profits. Don’t get caught in the endless cycle of updating and managing two databases. Talk to Briware Solutions to see how a k-eCommerce web store could benefit your business.

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