How Much Does it Cost to Get More Out of Your Existing Dynamics GP System

How many Dynamics GP features have you implemented?

How many have you implemented correctly?

GPUG often says that most companies only use about 30 percent of the features in Dynamics GP. That means you are missing out on 70 percent of the features you bought and paid for! And more features are released every twelve months. Even if only half of those would benefit your company, it could make a profound difference.

But how do you know what you don’t know? Briware Solutions can help.

Quick Dynamics GP Review

At your request we can take a quick look at what you are doing in Dynamics GP. Usually we can spot a couple of inefficiencies within the first few minutes. Often they are things that you didn’t even know were a problem.

Here is an example. During my first meeting with a Dynamics GP user they told me that whenever they wanted to refresh the test database they would call their Dynamics GP partner and get billed for 3 hours of work. Before I left the meeting I had automated that process for them so that they could do it themselves. Now it costs them nothing.

During the initial sales call, if I find small things that can quickly save you time or money I’ll tell you. And sales calls are free.

Full Dynamics GP Process Review

If you would like Briware Solutions to do a full process review for your Dynamics GP system this is a billable project. At the end of this process you receive a full document that talks about how your system is now, how we think you should change it and what value that will provide.

How Much Does a Full Dynamics GP Process Review Cost?

Normally we treat the project on a “Per Process” basis, billing 4-12 hours per process depending on how deep you want to go and how explicit the document. Examples of processes could be:

• Procure to Pay Process
• Order to Invoice Process
• Invoice to Collect Process
• Treasury Processes
• G/L Processes

This review involves us sitting with your people, going through what they currently do, picking up on the areas that we think could be improved and then documenting those areas. Generally we can streamline major processes and really save a company a substantial amount of money over the course of the year

There is always room for improvement. Even if we were the ones who implemented your Dynamics GP system, we still like to do periodic reviews. I bet we will end up spotting some inefficiencies just because process improvement is process improvement. It’s an ongoing thing, it’s never actually 100 percent done because new technology is always being released. What was a simple elegant solution yesteryear could now have been replaced by a new feature or app.

Investing in a process review of your Dynamics GP system makes good business sense.

If you are interested in a review of your Dynamics GP system, contact Briware Solutions. 844-BRIWARE

By Briware Solutions,

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