Changes to Briware Solutions’ support process

Same great team, one easy email address!

Generating a support ticket with Briware Solutions can still be as easy as sending an email. Instead of emailing our consultants directly, though, we are asking that you address your email to When you first submit your issue or request, a ticket will be entered in our triage queue and will be assigned to the correct resource as quickly as possible. You will automatically receive an email with your ticket number for future reference.

By responding to any email with the same subject (e.g. the ticket confirmation email), your ticket is updated and the assigned resource or team is notified.

A different way from here to there.

See that little green button at the bottom right of this screen? Feel free to use it to submit your ticket as well! Simply click the button, fill in the fields, and click Send. Include your email address with your ticket and you’ll have an email providing you a ticket number very soon.

Again, responding to that email or any subsequent email with the same subject will update that ticket.

For the discerning user who needs more

Not satisfied with emails or swanky yet simple submit buttons? Want to review all of your outstanding issues in one place and add new information at your leisure? Log in to the Briware Solutions Helpdesk Portal!