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More Profitable Scheduling with Brewery Specific Software

The craft brewing industry has never been more competitive.  Embracing new ideas is what brought you to where you are today, but have you been keeping up with your competitors? It’s not only Fortune 500 companies that are reinventing themselves. A common challenge for breweries is production scheduling. If only the production schedule could group products that use the same base formula or recipe, brewers would gain efficiency by creating longer runs.

In brewing, multiple finished products can be made from the same recipe. A scheduler may make a bright beer that goes into 100 kegs or 1,000 bottles. Both products share the same recipe, but each has different packaging. The scheduler may have a requirement for bottles this week and kegs the following week…or both for next Thursday!

What’s a scheduler to do?

When a scheduler has visibility into finished good demand and can view the demand by common recipe, the scheduler is able to create larger batches by combining demand for multiple container sizes. Creating a larger batch size and scheduling production by recipe can increase operational efficiency. Scheduling by recipe also allows the production team to minimize clean ups and downtime. And all machine downtime equals lower operational productivity.

How do you achieve better efficiency? 

The short answer is better software but not just any software. Craft Brewers that use VicinityBrew – the second component of the Brew it Forward solution from Briware Solutions – are able to see demand out into the future with built in forecasting and planning tools. VicinityBrew software gives you the ability to group the production schedule by recipe allowing the scheduler to group like beers in different package sizes for better scheduling. Many beers can be produced from the same batch ticket or production run, if they share the same recipe. The result is improved production efficiency and profits.

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