Author: Briware Solutions Inc.

The exams are ready!

Today I sat in a very exciting meeting. After hours of question writing and review sessions, a trip to Tampa, a whack of votes, and the occasional goading email to the Dynamics GP MVP’s, we have finally completed the first pair of Dynamics GP exam forms! This isn’t to say that we are done, or […]

Top Six Reasons to Integrate Your Web Store with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Integration offers tons of benefits including saving time and money, reducing human errors from duplicate data maintenance and simplifying the checkout process. It also gives you the freedom to focus on other areas of growing your business. Don’t waste time managing your Microsoft Dynamics GP database and web store separately. Continue reading for all the […]

DynamicsPro’s Exam Committee – First meeting day 2

Today we got through a lot! We got started a wee bit late after a minor communication issue between the meeting facilitator (I promised David I wouldn’t tell you it was him) and the hotel staff found him stranded at the hotel a little longer than planned. Once he was rescued and safely with the […]

DynamicsPro’s Exam Committee – First meeting day 1

I am sitting in my hotel room at the end of the first day of the first meeting of the Association for Dynamics Professionals’ GP Examination committee. What a day! Although the meeting was all day, with only the requisite breaks to get us around federal sweatshop laws, it didn’t feel I’d been there very […]

Stepping into my future history…

This morning I flew from Toronto to Tampa. I was late getting to the airport because my kids were tired and the in-laws are visiting so the morning routine was a shambles. That’s OK, though, because my flight was unofficially delayed so I had time for the sweat from my run through the airport to […]

Reconciliation Hazards

At the end of each fiscal period, accountants the world over say goodbye to their families to begin the process of tracking down the differences between their subledgers and their general ledger.  After driving themselves crazy locating that last $50, they usually find that the differences related to misplaced decimals, mis-matched units of measure, rounding […]

I have been nominated as a GPUG All Star!

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in a number of roles over the years. I’ve worked as a consultant and as a customer, in Finance and IT, as an employee and most recently as a small business owner. Previous to starting Briware Solutions, I was working as an IT Manager for a company and […]

SBA Makes Analysis Easier

The newest version of Dynamics GP has introduced or expanded several new features such as approval workflows and intercompany processing. You frequently hear SBA touted as a “game changer” – and it is! No more need to create frequent exports that you then import into excel or Excel reports Finance needs to refresh and email […]